About Us

Based in London, DrPete Inc is an award winning strategic Business and Technology consultancy. We help organisations increase their revenue, maximise the value of their IT spend and ensure technology projects are delivered successfully through our consulting.  We pride ourselves on insight, bringing new ways of understanding and working to your situation. Visit our FAQ for a fun way to learn about us.

Our Services

At DrPete, we creatively tailor our services around YOUR client needs. This can range from consulting to project management, to producing overarching business strategy. While we are technology agnostic, we do align with a number of key technologies to help us deliver our work, including Google Apps, Amazon, Microsoft 365 and Salesforce.com. Find out more on our What We Do page.

Our Clients

Our clients come in all shapes and sizes and from every corner of the globe, but they are all united in one goal: the need to bring about effective change using the best of modern business and technology strategies delivered by straight-talking, pragmatic advisors. This can be delivered, in part, because of our sector experience, which ranges from Finance to Leisure to Not-for-profit.