Sector experience


DrPete Technology Experts have a broad spectrum of experience, across a variety of sectors as detailed below.


The online betting and gaming market has been one of the highest growth areas since the inception of the Internet. Our team of consultants from around the globe has been involved in the traditional gaming industry for many years, moving into e-Gaming in the early 2000s. Our consortium of associate consultants also brings experience in marketing and operations to our strong technological consulting pedigree.

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We provide advice, project management, and system implementation from our consultants to schools, colleges and further education institutes.

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Retail, Wholesale and Distribution

  • Redeveloping an EPoS system for a fashion chain. 
  • Review and restructuring of a midsized IT department for a high street shop.
  • Review and procurement of ERP and CRM systems for one of the UK’s largest privately owned distributors.
  • Recruitment of key IT staff.
  • Project managing an eCommerce site, using interactive video technologies, for one of the largest UK department stores.

Professional Services

  • Implementing a CRM system.
  • Outsourcing of IT services.
  • Developing a Queens Award winning website, which contained 2.4m scanned documents, making these available on the web.

Family Business

Family businesses have special considerations. We are adept at handling these in any project we undertake. They include effective stakeholder management and bringing all stakeholders to an aligned IT vision.


  • Overseeing IT strategy
  • Implementing automation to automate workflow
  • Improving Excel-based reporting by use of scripting 
  • Helping select and project manage Implementation of property management systems.
  • Our consultants have worked for property companies such as Allied London Properties, Pradera, Haslemere estates, Granchester Estates, Hammersons, Montagu Evans, Cluttons and Fisher German

Middle East and Africa Technology 

Our experts are very experienced with working in the Middle East and Africa where there are some special considerations and sometimes technology is less developed or a wider range of options are not actually accessible. We understand the difficulties with finding the right companies, resources and expertise in these markets as well as negotiating the right deals.

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Not for Profit

  • Developing the concept, selecting and then rolling out a world class Microsoft SharePoint system for a family office of one of the UK’s largest philanthropists.
  • Presenting for a Charity Finance Directors’ Group.
  • Providing an “IT Director service” for a client without an IT Director.

Technology, Media and Telecoms

  • Reviewing and outsourcing the change of a network for an Advertising agency, reducing opening time of large graphics files from minutes to seconds.
  • Overhauling procedures for a software development company to comply with best practice. 
  • Restructuring a department of two hundred fifty people across the globe.

Leisure and Hospitality

  • The review of IT in many betting and gaming businesses.
  • Preparation for business sale and IPO (one of the largest in recent times – over £4bn)
  • Outsourcing of IT services for a horse racing organisation, owning over 11 courses, and helping them consolidate their accounting systems.

Natural Resources

  • Restructuring the IT department of a B2B oil and gas company.
  • Developing a brief business case and tender for a Microsoft SharePoint system to help access of files across the globe for a small listed oil and gas exploration company.

Private Equity

  • Redeveloping an EPoS system for a fashion chain.
  • Writing a Pre-IPO report and recommendations for very large transactions.
  • Helping a far Eastern company develop European focused IT processes to facilitate ease of future M&A.

strategic IT consultancy

Meet some of our team

Joy Burnford Joy Burnford

Head of Client Services
Management Consultant

Owen Benneyworth Owen Benneyworth

IT solutions architect,
business improvement, intranet and collaboration specialist

Brian Miller Brian Miller

Associate consultant,
Legal reviews

Peter Robinson Peter Robinson

Principal Consultant,
Chartered Accountant

Gabrielle Benefield Gabrielle Benefield

Principal Associate Consultant,
SCRUM and Agile

Georges Koffi Georges Koffi

Associate consultant,
Head of Africa

Peter Marcus Peter Marcus

Specialist in betting and gaming