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Google's Keynote - 4th Oct 2016

posted 5 Oct 2016, 01:42 by Roelof Iball   [ updated 12 Oct 2016, 01:19 ]
Google showed off quite a portfolio of hardware at it’s
Made by Google event yesterday - more so than Apple in fact, including new smart phones of course.

But really for us the main underlying thought-piece was the desire from Google CEO, Sundar Pichai to build an ‘individual Google’ for each user. This is the shift from mobile-now to artificial intelligence (AI)-now, and the hard work that allows for realtime two-way conversation and natural dialogue.

He described some of Google’s other interesting AI and machine learning projects, including image recognition, language translation, and text-to-speech. All of which are improving at an incredible rate (Moore’s law).

Gerd Leonhard, a futurist, conveys the premise that AI is here already and that the rate of technology growth is now about to truly explode. On his exponential chart we’re currently at ‘4’ (on the doubling step - 1,2,4,8,16...) and gives the example that the most powerful computer now has the capacity of the brain of a cricket. But in only 5-7 years from now there’ll be a computer with the capacity of a human brain; and in only 20 years that single computer will have the capability of All human brains on the planet.

What shape will Google's Assistant be in then?

If you’re interested in what was launched, here’s the list of hardware:

Two new Pixel phones, Chromecast Ultra for 4K streaming, the Daydream View VR headset, Google Home (like Amazon Echo), and a new smart router called Google Wifi.