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CloudPro: Cloud set to produce new generation of IT demi-gods

posted 27 Jan 2015, 08:46 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 24 Mar 2015, 07:22 ]

In Peter's latest CloudPro column, he talks about how Cloud makes everyone an IT expert.

From the article:

Until the advent of the internet generally, and the cloud in particular, IT departments were seen as ‘the fixers’. “If it’s broke, call in IT support, they'll sort it!” Alternatively, “we need a bit of kit that will do this/run that/store the other: IT can get that for us.”

That's not true any more. Times have changed, from both an end-user and an IT resource perspective. It’s a change for the better as far as I'm concerned, but it may mean a few sessions on the business psychiatrist’s couch for some CIOs and their teams, because this is going to involve a change in mindset.

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