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Cloudy Times Ahead for E-Gaming

posted 2 Feb 2015, 09:04 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 24 Mar 2015, 07:21 ]

In his latest column in EGR, Peter Chadha muses on how e-gaming can use the cloud going forward. 

From the article: 

Let me describe a scenario. A relatively niche, but very successful, gaming operator exploits the rise of new markets in Asia. Before it really understands what’s happening, turnover has exploded, human resources have doubled and its IT infrastructure is struggling to handle the business-critical production gaming systems, leaving non-core – HR, finance, e-mail – to grind to a halt through neglect and lack of processing power.

Sound familiar? While growth is a nice problem to have, it's a situation that can make or break a business. An inability to service growth can severely damage relationships with customers, and the success of any business ultimately depends on its reputation...

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