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Guardian - DrPete campaigning to improve IT education in the UK

posted 11 May 2015, 04:08 by Peter Chadha   [ updated 11 May 2015, 07:04 by Stephen Hind ]

Dr Peter Chadha is again quoted in today's Guardian: 

“I don’t think students are very aware of what the UK technology industry has to offer them,” he says. “The IT industry has high barriers to entry – because generally it takes on people who have already shown an aptitude and have qualifications in some aspect of technology.”

Why is this? “The UK economy is heavily biased towards finance and services. While we do have people developing things in their bedrooms, and in outposts of technology innovation like in the Cambridge area and Tech City, we don’t have the agglomeration of software development that is found in India, the US and Israel, for example. We need to encourage upgrade technologists to participate in education and training to avoid shipping our great ideas abroad.” Peter Chadha, CEO of DrPete Technology Experts.

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