Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps and Developer Selection

Do you need to create a mobile app but not sure what’s involved, who to approach and need to understand the costs and risks?
We can help you analyse your needs and formulate a strategy that will get you to where you want your App platform to be, and as efficiently as possible.

What our help can do for you

We can pick up at any stage you might be struggling with but from a flicker of an idea we would consider these high level phases:
  • Strategy - Discussion and analysis on your ideas to implement an apps programme
  • Recommendation - determine the best route and platforms.
  • Specification - devise a straightforward (but detailed) proposal for third party developers to respond.
  • Selection process - carry out a tender process encompassing a beauty parade of suited supplier candidates and finally an appointment.
  • Project Management & delivery - provide the internal project management once the selected supplier has been appointed and carry out the mobile apps strategy.

At DrPete Technology Experts we have the expertise to ensure your IT project succeeds. Our team of specialists combine knowledge of the needs of businesses with technical IT skills and a background in business systems, supplier relationships and contract negotiation. We can ensure that the selected partner is capable of fulfilling your specification, can provide ongoing support, and is competitively priced.