Corporate Social Responsibility

We reap what we sow


DrPete Technology Experts (and its allied subsidiaries and brands) is a group that has high social consciousness and believes in the need for corporate social responsibility, as well as a "pay-forward" approach. As such we are committed to:

  • investing in our people by an active policy of coaching and mentoring, establishing values and supporting their need to inspire their clients
  • providing ‘pay-forward’ independent impartial advice through the press and media
  • managing the impact of our day-to day operations on the environment and promoting the principles of sustainability in all our activities
  • the prevention of pollution and the continual improvement of our environmental management and performance
  • doing good for society (see doing good works).


We seek to ensure that sustainability is integrated into our strategy, policy and procedures and operations are carried out in compliance with relevant environmental legislation and other requirements. This commitment to environmental management is reflected in our policy relating to significant issues:

  • Energy: we are committed to minimising the consumption of non-renewable energy sources and have implemented various measures to reduce consumption, such as a sourcing of energy efficient equipment. We fully embrace the use of cloud computing and we have a zero internal infrastructure initiative. (Evidence shows that Cloud-based services can save an estimated 68–87% in energy for office computing.) For IT accessories such as projectors, we only buy energy efficient devices.
  • Waste: we aim to minimise waste generated and its environmental impacts as much as practical, by seeking opportunities to reduce and reuse waste or recycle redundant resources. We use recyclable products wherever possible in our day-to-day operations.
  • Travel: we are aware of the environmental impacts of travel on behalf of our business and employees travelling to work and we seek to reduce these wherever practical, by positively encouraging car sharing, cycling to work, and the use of sustainable transport and IT solutions, such as hybrid and electric vehicles. We encourage our employees to work from home when not on client site to minimise on travel.
  • Sustainable procurement: we seek to ensure that the products, services and materials which we purchase are as sustainable as practical, including IT equipment, sustainably sourced paper and travel solutions.
  • Stakeholder education: we will encourage our partners and suppliers to establish environmental friendly policies and systems of work.
  • Continual improvement: we monitor and review our environmental performance at regular intervals with a view to continual improvement.