Customer Service Values

Jargon busting, plain speaking

New and technical projects can be full of technical jargon and everyday new technology develops faster than 'dog years'. We will always do our best to make things easy, speak in layman's terms and use easy-to-understand analogies where we can. We will also explain your situation candidly and with honesty.

Avoid tech tedium!

Technology problems can be complicated and frustrating. But let's cut the red tape and stuff the stuffiness! We aim to work with you in a fun, energetic way with a smile and a joke to get you through the roadblocks, bringing everyone on board.

360° tech value

Technology is often perceived as a painful spend for a business. However, no spend is as large as people costs. We aim to provide advice that accounts for both the technology and the people.

Our tech checklist

We look to help clients manage IT to be a RASERS environment: reliable, auditable, secure, easy-to-use, robust, scalable.

Commercial first; tech second

Techies everywhere argue about what's the best system out there. But our work is independent of any associations with particular vendors and technologies. Our primary objective is to find technological solutions that make commercial sense for our clients, regardless of brand.

Culture matters

Every business is different and every culture is different. Our approach is to treat every client like individuals and find technology and adapt processes that fit their culture. We match like-with-like when finding suitable IT partners.

Part of the team

We aim to be part of your team, practically 'getting our sleeves rolled up' to provide you with assistance.