Employee Values

Clients come first

Great clients help us thrive. Their needs are paramount. We believe in creating strong relationships at all levels in our clients' businesses. Understanding our clients completely, allows us to serve them more effectively.

A culture of mentoring and coaching

Is feedback positive or negative? What if it was simply feedback? How you respond to it is up to you - and without it we cannot grow. We actively encourage our people to learn from others, seek out feedback and then be coached in order to continue our evolution.

Professional presentation

How we dress, communicate and behave is a representation of our organisation to our current (and future) clients. We should take pride in our presentations, be SMART! - both in the real world and on-line. A smile costs nothing, but it gives so much - we always try to wear one.

Mutual and social support

We look after each other by providing mutual support. We remember to say thank you and give genuine praise for a job well done. Doing good for others in society works. We give back in volunteering and charity.

Listen first, then talk

Before we begin to tackle a client’s problem, we must listen empathetically. We will walk a mile in their 'moccasins' as part of the consulting process and then go the extra mile when doing so adds value.

Relentless improvement and lifelong learning

Learning does not end at school or college; it is lifelong. Our people are actively encouraged to develop and deepen their understanding in all areas that excite and nurture them. As we grow, our working methods become more refined which helps us to maintain operational excellence.

Prudence and personal responsibility

We behave prudently and with integrity so that we can feel comfortable with our actions. It also means we give advice we believe in, and to speak up if we think something is wrong, without fear of recrimination. We don’t walk past a problem and hope someone else picks it up. We take ownership and personal responsibility for our actions.