Dr Peter Chadha

Peter's Story

Peter started his career in a family owned business in Soho London, but driven by his wonder of learning, went on to study for a PhD at University College London, developing computerised models for the Pharmaceutical industry.

As Peter was a early pioneer of the first home computers, with his further exposure to Mac and PCs, he left behind Academia to follow his true passion into the IT industry, working for the likes of Apple as a technology specialist.

He then went on to become a leading technology strategy consultant evaluating new and evolving technologies in smaller innovative companies to complex enterprise systems for large consultancies.

Peter then founded DrPete Inc, a firm based on providing independent strategic business and technology advice, developed around a core set of values.

The Firm works on a variety of technology based projects, reviewing hardware, software and technology organisational set-ups.

His passion for the cloud has arisen from his fervent belief that technology should be simple and an enabler for technically minded and non technical folk alike.

In 2012 Peter received the IBBF Award for Leadership through Technology Innovation at The Houses of Parliament. IBM research identified Peter as one of the UK’s 50 most influential commentators on corporate IT. Peter writes a regular column for TechRadar, and his views are featured in the specialist IT Cloud press as well as the Financial Times, The Times, European CEO etc.

DrPete.co.uk Peter Chadha - About Peter Chadha Page

Peter Chadha is a regular commentator in the national, business and IT press.

Since 2012, Peter Chadha "Dr Pete" expertise and pragmatic advice has been profiled in more than 30 media titles and on national TV reaching a combined audience of over twelve million. In addition to reaching a significant audience, most articles positioned Peter as one of the top IT commentators in the UK.

The topics that Dr Pete has covered includes: Technology Investment, Cloud Computing, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Mentoring, Business Travel, Google Enterprise, Technology and Business Strategy, Business Training, IT Security, Retail and E-commerce.

In the FT Connected Business (circ 333,731), Dr Peter Chadha said in relation to retail and mobile technology:

All kinds of devices that work with Windows integrate with the back office, but iPads have been an issue. They don’t run on Windows, so how do they integrate? This has held us back from using these devices, although that will change.

On mentoring, Dr Peter Chadha commented in Director Magazine (circ 52,229):

"Effective leadership is about getting the best performance from your people, which is something that all of these development methods can help you achieve. NLP is a brilliant tool for understanding how people communicate, why they say what they say, and what they really mean. That matters whether you are running a small business with a handful of staff, or you are heading up a multinational. Strong leadership means ensuring that everyone in the organisation has the opportunity to achieve their full potential, and in this climate, employee engagement, motivation and performance are key."

On securing your home network, Dr Peter Chadha said on the ITV Tonight Programme, ‘What are your kids up to?’ (viewers – 4 million):

"There are some practical things we can do to secure your network and secure your PCs, so you can get back in control of what's going on."

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