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We provide advice, project management, and system implementation from our consultants to schools, colleges and further education institutes.

About the sector

The education sector is unique in several ways, and technology needs to adapt to the specific needs of both students and staff. Security and content filtering, for example, is an issue when dealing with children, as well as policies regarding monitoring emails and data.

Many educational establishments are publicly funded, and this gives them unique challenges when it comes to budgeting. Additionally, when consulting for technology within a school in particular, it is good to consider the extensibility of any system you recommend, especially whether it is suitable for students to use.

How can we help you?

DrPete is experienced in the education sector, having worked with many educational establishments and providing a variety of services. Our consultants have completed a number of projects in the education sector, including consulting on and implementing new email and document systems, setting up a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), and training staff on basic web development.

We have also helped one school streamline its system for student admissions using Google Docs and Google Apps script, and we have used Google Apps in another school to make it easier for students and teachers to communicate.

Case Study

In 2013, we worked with a school in London who were spending a lot of money on an inflexible email system and Virtual Learning Environment. We recommended a cloud email system which significantly reduced their email operational costs. We also created a new platform for Virtual Learning Environments, and they have used it to create virtual classrooms at a fraction of the previous cost, benefiting from our web development training.

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