Private Equity

Helping you maximize value from your business

How we can help:

We work with Private Equity / Venture Capital businesses to scrutinise their investments or proposed acquisitions. We also act for firms hoping to sell. We review their IT systems, tech people and the tech processes.

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Examples of projects:

  • Acquisition IT Due Diligence - Performing short Sharp "kick the IT tyres" IT due diligence checks (that take a few days) or;
  • Deep-dive Acquisition IT Due Diligence - more comprehensive examination of technology and dependencies.
  • Vendor IT Due Diligence - Preparation for trade sale or IPO.

Areas we can examine:

We utilise a 44 point checklist covering all areas of IT. Under the following 10 sections we provide expert analysis for buyers and sellers:

  • 1. IT people and organisation structure
  • 2. Hardware, Networks, Operating Systems and Infrastructure
  • 3. Bespoke Systems Application Development
  • 4. Outsourcing & Significant Suppliers
  • 5. Key Packaged Applications
  • 6. IT Operations – General
  • 7. IT Governance
  • 8. Production System Operations and Security
  • 9. IT Strategy and Roadmap
  • 10. IT Costs

Our consultants' profile experience include working for:

  • ECI Partners
  • Exponent Private Equity
  • Montreux Capital Management
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