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The last few years has seen a huge change in the sector, in fact just look back at the last 10-15 years: messaging, communication, e-commerce, fintech, big data, smart phones and tablets, on-line gaming, apps, video and streaming...

What's happening next and where will the new drivers come from?

Businesses are constantly seeking efficiencies in their IT spend and DrPete Technology Experts offers its independent view on the state of an organisation's IT function including insights and recommendations for supporting the business strategy.

A recent engagement had our consultants rejig a company's software agile processes to deliver more efficiently, helping the company get its software done properly.

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Examples of projects:

  • IT Transformation (helping with new platforms and tech strategy)
  • Staff restructuring for efficiency and effectiveness
  • Software (agile) development streamlining
  • Infrastructure and software outsourcing strategy and tenderings
  • Mobile app development strategy
  • Database logic review and strategy
IT consultancy for the Technology Media Telecoms industry

Our consultants' profile experience include working for:

  • Netplay TV
  • Titansoft PTE
  • OneWorks
  • Prime Focus
IT advice for the technology, media and telecoms industries
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