Bespoke system and software sourcing

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Bespoke systems or apps can give massive advantages to businesses. But specifying what the system needs and selecting it can be a very painful process. For example, do you know all your functional and technical requirements, should you off-shore near-shore, outsource or develop in-house? Do you develop open source or big ticket names software? How do you contractually protect yourself? We can help.

About this service

Every business has a unique offering that enables it to compete effectively in the marketplace. In many cases, this unique offering can be improved by bespoke software systems – developed specifically to enhance the competitive edge.

However, many expanding businesses have insufficient resources to build such a system themselves and prefer to outsource the project, working in partnership with a software developer.

Entrusting a third party with your competitive advantage can be risky – DPete can help you to control that risk.

What this service provides

This service will provide you with an expert who has in-depth knowledge and experience of the solutions, software technologies and suppliers in the marketplace. This person will:

  • Clarify your organisation’s user requirements and define the scope of the system
  • Develop a functional specification
  • Select an appropriate supplier who has experience of developing applications similar to the one you need
  • Properly consider open source (like Linux, PhP and mySQL) or branded platform options (like Oracle and Microsoft)
  • Manage the competitive tender and demonstration process
  • Review supplier proposals and, considering factors such as experience, costs, build specifications and timescales, will select the right supplier for you
  • Negotiate commercial contracts with the IT software developer that are to your benefit
  • Project manage the software development and implementation.
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When would you use this service?

This should be a service of choice:

  • When a bespoke software system would enhance your organisation’s unique offering – particularly when you need to bring in resource and expertise to develop it
  • When you require a sound process to conduct, implement and complete a bespoke software development project
  • If you need a special piece of middleware to connect systems
  • You need a smartphone or tablet application to extend your business offering app

How does this service benefit your business?

Increased confidence:

  • that the supplier you select is best for the system development you require
  • that the system developed meets your business requirements both now and in the future
  • that costs are identified in advance of the project starting
  • that the supplier will deliver the system on time and within budget in the terms of contract negotiated with the supplier and
  • A reduction in the time and cost associated with researching and evaluating external suppliers and their proposed solutions

I already have an in-house procurement or IT team - do we need outside help?

Regrettably, IT and its outsourcing is still a minefield. This is because as it is technically complex it has a number of interdependencies and while there are some big players much of the market is fragmented. Whilst you could outsource your catering or say your HR with some reasonable business experience and acumen - IT requires a higher level of knowledge. We are friendly and amenable and we work with your departments to cross train and undertake new outsourcing reviews.

Outline: How does this service work?

Typical client engagements involve:

  • Fully understanding your reasons for outsourcing your software development and need
  • Select the right process based on the size and scale of the project/s
  • Undertake the specification and selection of the outsource process or mentor your team to do it
  • Take reference or site visits
  • Make recommendations as appropriate before final selection and commercial and legal contract negotiation.

When choosing your software vendor, try to find a company who works in an agile way, is flexible to your needs, and ideally will let you retain the source code of the software that they create for you" Dr. Peter Chadha, CEO, DrPete

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