Cloud Readiness Assessment

Are you ready to use the cloud?

Get your cloud planning right. The Cloud Readiness Assessment (CRA) delivers an unbiased appraisal of your current readiness to adopt cloud computing. The CRA is delivered as an online tool enabling teams of people to work efficiently together to assess the current position.

£2m savings identified by moving to the cloud

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An overview of the Cloud Readiness Assessment

We all know that cloud computing is one of the most important developments in technology in many years. It increases efficiency, makes the organisation much more agile, boosts mobility and collaboration and even significantly reduces cost.

In fact at DrPete Technology Experts we describe it as a paradigm shift - as important a change as the move from mainframes to PCs. But how do you get there? What do you migrate, when do you migrate and how?

Our CRA is an online tool that assists an organisation to understand those things that condition its readiness and preparedness to introduce cloud computing.

In preparing to adopt cloud solutions the CRA raises the issues and risks to be considered and how they will be managed. This is a people question and the CRA report deftly reveals what people already know about cloud computing as a prelude to a dialogue on change. The adoption of cloud services requires preparation and that is largely a function of people and understanding the processes supporting their work. The CRA prepares an organisation for change in terms of how IT will be delivered ‘as a service’.

When plans to move to a public cloud solution policy have begun, the next step is to have a consultation and the CRA is the way to engage those people that will be involved in that consultation. It allows people to express with anonymity their knowledge and opinions about cloud computing (however obtained); these will ultimately shape the resulting plans and the likely success of those plans. It is a baseline to know where there is consensus and dissonance across a range of subject areas that are subject to scrutiny with the adoption of public cloud solutions. This positively helps move the organisation from ‘thought to action’ based on a better understanding of its current competencies to adopt public cloud solutions.

The CRA does not promote any bias toward vendor, technology or cloud service / deployment model (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Public, Private cloud).

The CRA provides the executive team with an unbiased assessment of the organisation’s readiness and insight to a course of action to pursue the adoption of cloud solutions.

How can we help you?

DrPete Technology Experts will provide a comprehensive report that will be delivered to the sponsor/sponsor’s team. A consultant will deliver the report and explain the important outcomes and answer any questions arising from the report. The next action will be a follow up typically 2 – 3 weeks later after the report has been available for internal review.

The deliverable will

  • Ask about your levels of awareness of cloud computing.
  • Ask about the status of the organisation’s preparations to introduce cloud computing/services.
  • Cover a wide range of subjects including your organisation’s current use (if any) of cloud services.
  • Use language consistent with commonly used standards (National Institute of Science and Technology).
  • Ask about your organisation’s current IT environment and platforms.

The deliverable will not

  • Be intrusive. The online assessment is typically completed in 5 – 10 minutes and you can start, stop and resume at will
  • Refer to specific products and solutions
  • Be a test of the speed of your responses
  • Be a “test” of any kind
  • Expect that you will always know the answer. So “Don’t Know” options are often available and are considered valid responses.

The work plan

The key benefits of the CRA are to deliver in the format of a report:

  • An easy to understand analysis of your organisational readiness to support your decision-making process for cloud computing
  • A set of key findings that your organisation needs to address as a priority in order to develop a strategy that will align the needs of the business and inform the resulting discussions between stakeholders to include the IT organisation and IT vendors and / or external service provider(s).


DrPete will seek a sponsor for the CRA who will support the process by:

  • Choosing the participants for the CRA
  • Announcing the CRA to chosen participants
  • Supporting the facilitator to achieve optimum participation.

The sponsor may or may not decide to be a participant to the CRA. Personal anonymity is assured (input is not personally identifiable) with results collated by function. Comments are also anonymous.

With our specialist understanding of cloud based services we also advise our clients on whether the business can be made smoother, more efficient and cost-effective by using cloud-based systems.