G Suite Services

Powering your business using the dynamic cloud

Would you like to work any time, anywhere any place, on virtually any device in a dynamic fashion? Would you like to collaborate with your colleagues in real time on spreadsheets, documents, and video conferencing? Would you like the assurance of knowing your files are backed up without the need need for massive expenditure on data centre servers? G Suite from Google Cloud could be what you're looking for.

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What is G Suite?

An amazing suite of office productivity, collaboration and communication tools. Some names will be very familiar to you for example Gmail, (the world's number one email system) but in addition there are tools like a word processing engine, a spreadsheet, a presentation package like PowerPoint and the ability to store your files in the cloud like Dropbox or Google Drive - all designed for a corporate business and with the latest enterprise security in mind.

Google Apps is also the leading competitor to Microsoft Office 365.

Isn't it easy to install G Suite? Do you really need help?

These days it seems that almost everyone has heard about cloud - but although it seems simple to enhance productivity and save money; understanding the different options and then migrating to the cloud is still a challenge.

For example, data has to be migrated, familiar templates and tools have to be adapted and people have to be mentored and trained in the change in working practices.

How much can you save?

We estimate that an average installation of Google Apps will save a business at least 70% over traditional IT costs of running a local server and Microsoft office productivity suites. The cost from only £3.30/user/month.

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How can we help you?

DrPete Technology Experts understand the business issues with migrating to Google Apps (in fact our founder has actually written a book on it!).

Unlike other companies who will only take a technical role, we provide you with comfort by ensuring you have the right building blocks in place and then taking you through a controlled and planned migration programme. This will consider not only the core elements of the system but your in-house or third party applications like accounting, HR, marketing etc.

In addition, you will have assurance because as a business we understand and can implement both of the leading office productivity packages (Microsoft 365 and Google Apps).

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The work plan and deliverables

  • A holistic assessment of your needs (documents collaboration, communications like voice calling and video conferencing, websites and intranets and bespoke applications)
  • A plan considering human and risk factors
  • Successful implementation of Google Apps for Business
  • Support and handholding of the new Google Apps environment as required