Interim Technology Management

Cost-effective, interim or on-demand IT staff

We are able to provide interim resources in a period of change to meet spikes in demand or to affect a change more quickly than incumbent resources can muster.

We can be provide high calibre management in a full time capacity (as per fixed term engagement) or be made available from a 'call off' arrangement.

Finally we are able to provide virtual or part-time CTO, Project Management or IT Manager for start-up clients where a full time staff are not needed on a day to day basis.

Examples of our interim experience:

  • CTO (transition from an IT Director role within a change programme to renew an IT function)
  • Part Time CTO - Helping a theatre company with periodic IT strategy assistance
  • Head of Software Development - placing a senior software development resource to revise processes and practices and drive a project to its conclusion
  • Head of Programme - an interim resource to manage risk and bring fragmented projects together and create a holistic business plan

More about Virtual CTO (Chief Technology Officer)...

Since the advent of the internet and the proliferation of email, there has been a huge uptake of smartphones with social networking; every business realises it must take technology seriously to either leapfrog or at least keep pace with the competition.

Many businesses have good IT operational and support resources (e.g. 'nuts-n-bolts' server management, in-house staff or outsourced partners). The difficulty is that expanding businesses could outgrow their underlying technologies and thus struggle to keep pace.

IT for these businesses needs to be managed strategically with a view to gaining competitive advantage, as well as making sure change is implemented successfully. To ensure this, experienced senior resources are required like an IT Director, Chief Information Officer (CIO) or Chief Technology Officer (CTO) - however, typically this size of business cannot afford the luxury of such full time staff.

This is where our team of experienced consultants comes in and supplements the existing resources. They will perform the role of an IT Director either as an interim (e.g. during a process of change) or for an agreed amount of time as needed. This is in line with a growing movement where many businesses around the globe prefer to undertake their IT planning and strategy with these 'Fractional CIOs'.

When should you consider a Virtual IT Director?

Some situations in which you may consider hiring a virtual IT Director are when you:

  • Want to be more efficient and effective with growth
  • Need to save costs eg moving to the cloud
  • Are part of Merger & Acquisition activity or consolidation
  • Have new technology requirements - you want to overhaul your systems
  • Have compliance/regulatory requirements
  • Need to identify the Return On Investment (ROI) of a proposed spend

What can go wrong in a business without the right experience?

These are some old 'chestnuts' that, as IT consultants, we see in businesses again and again:

  • Paying too much for software / hardware which is cheaper elsewhere - even governments are known to do this
  • Choosing the wrong supplier potentially crippling your ability to deliver at pace
  • Colleagues wasting time and energy trying to fix broken technology
  • Being tied into a contract that has no exit/break clauses, thereby further exacerbating your problems
  • Failing to negotiate any changes to standard Service Level Agreements (SLAs) resulting in a lack of protection for you when things go wrong
  • No strategic direction in terms of IT for the business; Suppliers are selected on price alone and not long term suitability
  • Not having all the business' systems in place, or fully integrated

How does the service work?

Typical client engagements involve:

  • Fully understanding your business and technology needs
  • Creating an action plan with the management team and the Board as necessary
  • Ongoing assistance and advice to implement the plan
  • Regular reporting.