IT Manager

Looking for cost-effective, part-time IT Manager?

Not every company can budget for a full-time IT Director or IT Manager. We help by providing as much or as little resource needed to meet the client's specific needs.

About this service

Smaller and expanding businesses find it difficult to justify the role of experienced IT Manager or Head of IT on the grounds of high employment costs versus the low level of IT activity in the business. Even if it is possible to recruit staff, retaining highly experienced staff in a smaller business environment is challenging. Small businesses tend to compromise therefore, on a second best option in the form an IT administrator or an outsourced company, that may not always have the commercial skills and capabilities to deliver efficient operations or strategic value for the business. In the long term this approach can negatively impact the business and lead to higher cost.

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What this service provides

We will provide you with a high-calibre professional IT manager, who has relevant and up to date experience, who will:

  • Undertake day-to-day management and have overall responsibility for the current IT functions
  • Support the business through technology change
  • Implement IT infrastructure and IT strategy
  • Undertake technical management and administration of IT systems
  • Review, benchmark and improve all IT contracts
  • Develop strong relationships with internal business functions and 3rd party service providers
  • Introduce and manage measurable key performance indicators and service level agreements between IT, the business and 3rd party suppliers
  • Challenge quality and processes
  • Provide board members with regular updates on IT performance, recommendations, risks, budget and exceptions.
  • Undertake an IT review (focusing on people, technology and processes) and provide recommendations for improvement
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Why and when you might need this service

  • Your confidence in the ability of IT to deliver value to the business is low
  • You are about to lose your IT Manager and this could spell disaster for you
  • You think it is time to restructure your IT resources
  • Your IT manager is under-performing, untrustworthy or under-qualified
  • You want to introduce professional and commercial IT management services to the company

How this service Benefits your business

We can help you to:

  • Reduce IT operational costs and improve return on IT investment
  • Reduce costs associated with recruitment, training and retention
  • Reduce the level of risk to the business from underlying IT problems
  • Reduce the stress on internal resources eg office space and personnel
  • Improve the adaptability of your IT to business change
  • Improve the alignment of IT with the aims of the business
  • Improve transparency over costs and performance
  • Quickly resolve IT problems thus improving performance, productivity and efficiency of business operations
  • Have comfort in the knowledge that your IT is handled by a team of highly-skilled and experienced professionals
  • Acquire a mixture of IT skills and processes on par with those found in larger organisations.