IT outsourcing

Getting your system working!

Managing technology can be a real headache (remember when you didn't get that email?). We help clients to articulate their technology needs and then independently find and help select IT outsourcing partners.

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What is the IT outsourcing service?

DrPete helped us specify and select new outsourcing partners through a rigorous and well established process. They involved our staff as well and cross trained them to provide us with added value. Their agility was also impressive, adapting to changes in the market to bring the latest options to the table"

Martin Large, CEO of Steljes

In today's increasingly complex environment, companies find it hard to keep pace with technology and often prefer to leave it to specialist IT outsourcing partners. This can be either partial outsourcing (ie for operations such as software maintenance, helpdesk or infrastructure management) or can be for full service delivery. Done well, IT outsourcing is a major boon because it removes the technology headache and allows the business to focus on doing what it does best; you don't need to worry about outages, failed backups, server maintenance etc. Outsourcing technology services is not the same as outsourcing catering, for example; IT is core to operations and efficiency so can adversely cripple the business if not done thoughtfully. Of course, we understand that outsourcing can go wrong: in fact, we find many initial situations where our clients' current outsourced services are not appropriate, or were entered into without the right levels of due diligence or rigour.

Typical problems with outsourcing include:

  • Clients may be tied into services that no longer meet their requirements, either due to changes in the business or the ever evolving technology landscape
  • Contracts are often biased in favour of the vendor
  • Service levels being delivered are inadequate or have diminished over time
  • A perceived loss of control and the company becomes overly reliant on its partner
  • Exiting from the contract can be very prickly and thorny, which may lead to complacency from the provider.
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How can we help?

DrPete Technology Experts will:

  • Assess your situation and provide you with the appropriate independent advice
  • Review the technology to ensure it meets your requirements using our RASERS™ methodology
  • Renegotiate your existing contracts and improve the service level agreements, to meet your business requirements
  • Undertake a tendering process using our “Catalyst” outsourcing process (contact us for more information) or a more traditional ITT or RFQ service etc, if required

How does this benefit you?

As experts, we deliver better value and insight than undertaking outsourcing yourself. We also have industry lawyers within our team who can review contracts from both a legal and commercial perspective.

Regrettably, IT and outsourcing can still be a minefield. This is because it has a number of inter-dependencies and while there are some big players, much of the market remains fragmented. We are proud of our values, friendly, amenable and work closely with your teams to meet the business objectives.

The deliverables

These typically include:

  • Fully understanding your reasons for outsourcing
  • Selecting the right methodology based on the size and scale of the projects
  • Undertaking the outsourcing task ourself or guiding your team through the process
  • Performing due diligence or technical evaluations
  • Making recommendations as appropriate
  • Final selection
  • Commercial and legal contract negotiation

"DrPete helped us evaluate various outsourcing options and identified an appropriate provider that not only understood the technical requirements but just as importantly, our culture"

Chris Mouskoundi, Finance Director, Esselco