IT Risk Assessment

How will your business be affected if your IT fails?

Technology can often be taken for granted. Until it fails, that is. Suddenly everyone in your company becomes totally aware of just how dependent your business is on IT, whether it’s the ICT staff, operations or the technology itself. We can assess the risks in all of these areas, to create and implement plans that will protect you and your business.

The issues

Many fast growing and mid sized companies have systems which simply ‘grow’ in an ad-hoc fashion as software and hardware are added to deal with day-to-day pressures, while the management team addresses more pressing issues.

While such businesses might have ambitious plans, their IT systems may not be robust or scalable enough to support this. Indeed, the systems may already represent an unacceptable level of risk if management is to rely on IT to deliver a critical support service to the business.

Why do you need a risk assessment?

Our risk assessment is designed to analyse every facet of your computer systems. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • computer hardware and software
  • key people and third parties
  • security threats
  • industry best practice including disaster recovery and business continuity planning and testing
  • legal and compliance issues.

While the assessment will identify immediate risks, the secondary objective is to ensure that your IT systems are able to support business growth plans.

How can DrPete Technology Experts help?

Our team is dedicated to providing practical advice on all aspects of technology. While capable of tackling technical and people issues, we also understand the commercial realities and pressures affecting the use of IT in the businesses we advise.

How do we undertake the IT risk assessment?

Our work plan involves reviewing relevant documentation about the business and its systems before interviewing key members of staff (and third parties, if appropriate), to understand the potential risks and vulnerabilities, the anticipated demands and the procedures in place.

The deliverable

The report we produce is usually presented in a workshop meeting where we explain the results of our findings for your review and feedback. We discuss the issues identified, their relative priority and the options available for resolving them. An action plan will be finalised to set out the agreed actions, the responsibilities and the timescales for implementing them.


As independent advisers, we are not aligned with any system supplier or computer company and so are able to provide an unbiased, impartial and expert perspective. When our recommendations are implemented, your IT systems will be functioning at an optimal level and options and risks associated with future expansion will be known, allowing your business to grow at a pace which you dictate.