IT Strategy

Let us help turn your business vision into a reality

We help clients understand and review their IT position, to produce a forward thinking technology strategy, to reduce cost and improve the effectiveness. Our reviews are not just technology alone; we consider all aspects around technology that are important - 360 degrees: people, process and technology.

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The challenge

Even before the more modern innovations of smartphones and web applications, a well thought out strategic technology plan has long been acknowledged to be one of the critical success factors in business. Indeed, technology strategies are used by all global enterprises today, to drive efficiency and scale.

However, many businesses do not have the luxury of highly staffed technology departments full of people working on such strategies, neither do they have the in-house skills or knowledge to undertake such a task. Rather, often a piecemeal approach is taken where bits of the IT set up are changed reactively.

But, to be of maximum value, an IT strategy must consider not only the systems and hardware requirements over a period of time, but also the required infrastructure, resourcing and finance options. Properly constructed, such a strategic plan will help your business:

  • Gain competitive edge and save money
  • Save time, reduce errors and costs caused by incompatibility and lack of integration
  • Allow sharing and collaboration of data between staff, departments and systems
  • Deploy optimum software and hardware facilities
  • Improve quality of service by allowing optimised business processes.
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How can we help you?

Our team of experts can take on this challenge. First, we gain an understanding of your overall business strategy, processes and anticipate the demands. We then review your set-up - this may include, but is not limited to,

  • The computer hardware and software, business systems and networks
  • IT personnel and reliance on key people or external suppliers
  • IT governance and budgets
  • IT management processes and interruptions or interference caused by inadequate security, backups etc and legal and compliance issues.

The deliverable

Depending on your requirements, you will receive a report, an action plan and a workshop - making our output practical and accessible to you.

"How we are going to get there?" would be a key deliverable from our involvement, together with a best estimate of costings for the proposed investment in IT and when costs are likely to be incurred. Our approach is practical and effective - as although it all sounds complicated we try and keep it straightforward and digestible to the business.

As our founder Peter Chadha says, "an IT strategy does not have to be that complicated, it could even fit on a single sheet of A4 paper." DrPete Technology Experts will listen to your business challenges and aspirations, using our cherished values, providing a sound no-nonsense strategic direction to you and your team.

The workplan

The length of an IT strategy is dependent upon your needs as a business. This could be just a few days with an expert consultant working with you and key business stakeholders. We also approach this work with user engagement in mind and where possible, by using stakeholders surveys.