Software and System Selection

Not sure which system will suit?

In this day and age, selecting a system is more complicated than ever with web research offering countless options for your business. DrPete Technology Experts understand this dilemma and have devised a proven 'catalyst' methodology to find your business a suitable partner in as short a time frame as possible. Our experience includes the selection of almost every type of system, be that enterprise resource planning or a bespoke document management system that handles antique manuscripts.

The challenge

Are you confident about the process you have in place to specify and select new business software, like an ERP (enterprise resource planning) system, an HR system or a CRM (customer relationship management) package? Our experience indicates that there are many instances of IT systems which have been poorly selected or implemented and which fail to meet the needs of users.

At DrPete Technology Experts we have the expertise to ensure your IT project succeeds. Our team of specialists combine knowledge of the needs of businesses with technical IT skills and a background in business systems. We can ensure that the selected system is capable of meeting the needs of your business, now and in the future and is competitively priced.

What our help provides

Key features of our proven methodology are:

  • Defining a prioritised statement of requirements and ensuring that it has the buy-in of users, managers and stakeholders. Encapsulating within it the key and important features and functionality that the system should address
  • Applying our knowledge of the software marketplace to identify candidate suppliers that are most likely to provide solutions to meet your needs. You will have the benefit of many years’ experience, short-cutting tedious research and evaluation work
  • Following a tried and tested shortlisting process that will deliver suppliers able to match the required level of functionality
  • Ensuring buy-in through the right level of demonstrations, reference visits and product testing. Management and staff participate in evaluating the short-listed solutions and form opinions based on meeting the essential needs, ease of use and look and feel
  • Obtaining and agreeing a workable and timely implementation plan
  • Reviewing proposed contracts from a commercial perspective to ensure that the contracts offer a fair deal to the client
  • Negotiating contracts with the supplier, from both a commercial and legal viewpoint.

Why and when you may need this service

  • You want to procure a system with the rigour that such a major investment warrants, because the sophistication of modern systems is such that it obscures the answer to the elementary question of which system has the best fit to the business need.
  • You don't select and implement major new systems every day, and it is therefore very important to you that the skills and experience in-house is supplemented by expertise that will complement and add to your own skills as necessary at the level of involvement that you require.
  • See our Top Tips for more advice.

How this service benefits your business

  • Assurance that the selected system meets your business requirements – now and in the future
  • You can avoid the time and costs involved with external research and evaluation, by using experts with in-depth knowledge of the marketplace
  • You are assured that the system offers a fair deal from a commercial perspective, including competitive pricing
  • You are assured that the suppliers are contracted to meet the needs of the business, not simply supply a package of software
  • You will have confidence that all of the costs are identified in advance of the project starting
  • You can avoid tying up resources that need to get on with their day jobs.

Which systems can we help with?

  • IT
  • Finance
  • HR
  • ERP
  • CRM and Sales Systems
  • Processes systems
  • Inventory management
  • Maintenance systems
  • Cloud solutions
  • Marketing
  • Manufacturing
  • Production
  • Operations
  • Smartphone management
  • ...and many others, too.

Dr Peter Chadha on choosing the right software

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