Learn more about the work of DrPete Technology Experts

What do you actually do?

We are a full service IT consulting firm. We offer fiercely independent impartial business and technology advice, and then help clients effect change through our expert project managers and consultants. Our consultants have a wide variety of experience in all aspects of IT including managing IT contracts, software development, cloud consulting, IT infrastructure, IT strategy, IT architecture and many additional areas. They are all considered experts in their specific areas of knowledge.

Do you sell any products?

No, we do not offer any of our own "products" for sale (apart from the free unique DrPete fountain pen of course). We are 100% focused on providing IT services and solutions to our clients. But we partner "utility" cloud computing companies like Microsoft, Salesforce, and Google and can use our expertise to help you to implement their products and services, but only if that is right for your business and commercial needs.

Where are you based?

We are based in the UK, with a few locations in London but we offer services to clients around the globe. In today's environment we feel comfortable to work anywhere and react quickly to client needs irrespective of country location. Indeed, even after we have left a country location we can continue our work using cloud-based technology and video conferencing.

How much will your services cost?

As with almost all true consulting companies, our services are tailored around your project and your needs, and will depend on the consultants' expertise and the length and nature of the assignment. Please contact us so we can assess your needs and provide you with a no obligation meeting and proposal. To get in touch with us please use our contact form. If your business qualifies, you might like to register for our free healthcheck.

There are loads of consultancies out there - what makes you any different?

What makes DrPete Technology Experts different is that we offer genuinely independent and insightful advice as well as a bespoke full service IT solution. We offer senior level consultants who are true experts in every facet of IT. Finally, while we maintain the highest standards of excellence we believe in a sense of fun - we believe that when projects are carried out with fun and enthusiasm they are delivered to a higher quality - encouraging everyone to come on board.

Do you have any market specialities?

Yes, absolutely. Please visit our sector experience page to learn more about the specific industries that DrPete Technology Experts has experience in.

What is your stance on corporate social responsibility?

Even as a relatively small and nimble organisation we take pride in our values and ethos. We positively encourage environmental best practice and even our founder drives a "green" hybrid car - see our Corporate social responsibility page.

How can I be sure of quality work?

All of our senior consultants have a background in the technology industry and are used to working in corporate environments. At the same time they recognise that smaller organisations need different structures and levels of formality and balance their work to meet these needs.

Do you offer not for profit/ charity discounts?

Our motto is 'doing good works' so we try our best to help not for profits where we can. Please contact us to discuss further.

How do members of the press make contact?

DrPete Technology Experts, and in particular our founder Dr Peter Chadha, has a high profile in the press commentating on a wide variety of technology issues that face both businesses and consumers. We have been featured in national and international journals, television and radio (e.g. The Times, The Financial Times, the South China Morning Post, Management Today, Director Magazine etc). See our press coverage page for more. Press enquiries, please contact press.office@drpete.co.uk.

How do I apply for a job?

We are always looking to connect with talented individuals who share both our passion for customer and employee values. The most effective way to keep in touch and open opportunities is to follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Who is your ideal client?

Our team of consultants love to work with clients that want their IT to deliver better than it is today. As our consulting roster covers the full spectrum of IT needs we will almost certainly be able to tackle almost any technology change project.

How can I learn more about the services provided by and the capabilities of the staff at DrPete Technology Experts?

Our founder Dr Peter Chadha is featured in a number of videos that will give you a good understanding of the expertise and abilities of the team. You can also visit our team page to read about the expertise of our individual consultants.

What's the difference between DrPete and "Dr. Pete"?

Confusing eh? Not really: DrPete Technology Experts (the company) was named after our founder Dr Peter Chadha, fondly know as "Dr. Pete"

Do you have relationships with other companies that can provide additional benefit to your clients?

Yes. Even though DrPete Technology Experts is an independent company, it works with companies like Microsoft, Salesforce, Dropbox, Amazon and Google. We can share our expertise with you and provide you with a better overall implementation of these products and services.

Do you take equity stakes in lieu of fees?

In some circumstances we will reduce the fees payable in return for an equity stake or share options in your business. This is by separate negotiation.

Why don't you use normal email disclaimers at the foot of every email?

In this age of information overload we try and reduce our email traffic by having a standard set of disclaimers on our special disclaimer.

Meet some of the team

Dr Peter Chadha

CEO DrPete, Managing Consultant


Dan Smith

IT Director, Infrastructure and Cloud Specialist


Roelof Iball

Senior Consultant, Business solutions


Stephen Hind

Senior Consultant, Cloud specialist