Microsoft Office 365 Services

Your complete office in the cloud

Our clients love 365! Microsoft Office 365 allows you to work seamlessly with the latest Microsoft Office documents - but using cloud based technology to reduce cost and massively increase flexibility. Save and collaborate in documents, spreadsheets and presentations online or in the desktop apps, get the latest versions of office software to use on multiple devices, increase productivity with modern communications and pay only a small monthly fee. Optionally you can add telephony integrated solutions with Skype for Business.

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What is Office 365?

Microsoft has been the powerhouse of office software for the last 20 years. Names like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint are familiar to any office worker. This software has traditionally been software loaded onto one PC and connected to servers for file storage.

While this approach has served us well in the past, in today's environment it is not flexible enough to deal with road warriors and mobile workers who could be anywhere in the globe accessing documents from a multitude of different devices that are now available.

The new Microsoft Office 365 package addresses that need. For a fixed monthly fee you have access to all the latest versions of software on up to 5 devices - and a number of different configurations available - for an example, email only or all of the bells and whistles. In addition you get tools like Microsoft SharePoint and SkyDrive Pro - tools that were previously the territory of the largest enterprises only.

How can we help you? Can you install Microsoft Office 365 yourself?

With our team's experience and expertise in hardcore business consulting and in Microsoft Office 365 implantation we occupy that middle ground between offering a full implementation consultancy or mentoring and assisting you in deploying Office 365 for yourself.

We can do as much or as little of the project as required.

How much can you save?

Microsoft Office 365 solutions save a business many IT costs, both tangible (like licensing, maintenance and support) and intangible (the cost of in flexibility, downtime and disaster recovery). Our clients love Office 365! We estimate the cost typically to be at least 50% of a traditional set-up, with prices starting at £3/user/month.

How can the DrPete team help?

The DrPete team understands the business issues with migrating to Microsoft Office 365 (In fact our senior associate Frank Bennett has actually written a book on it!).

Unlike other companies who will only take a technical role, we provide you with comfort by ensuring you have the right building blocks in place and then taking you through a controlled and planned migration program. This will consider not only the core elements of the system but your in-house or third party applications like accounting, HR marketing etc.

In addition, you will have assurance because as a business we understand and can implement both of the leading office productivity packages (Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite).

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The work plan and deliverables

  • A holistic assessment of your needs (documents collaboration, communications like voice calling and video conferencing, websites and intranets and bespoke applications, FSA compliance)
  • A plan considering human and risk factors, using consultants trained in the best project management disciplines. This will incorporate consideration of
      • Migration path and piloting/data /emails and phone and video calls
      • Consideration of your datastorage and portal needs deliver via SharePoint or
      • The use of power shell and DNS changes
      • Licensing determination e.g. should you be looking at the Enterprise Plans? Do you require Microsoft Intune or Dynamix CRM
      • Pre/Post implementation training
  • Successful implementation of Microsoft Office 365
  • Post implementation success review including safe decommissioning of servers
  • Support and handholding of the new Microsoft Office 365 environment as required

Need help choosing between Office 365, Traditional on premise G Suite or other packages like Zoho?

Our team of experienced IT professionals will provide you with the independent advice that you need. We will examine your situation and the best ROI for your business.